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AspireIT: Computing Learning Experiences

NCWIT AspireIT is designed to teach K-12 girls programming fundamentals and computational thinking in fun, creative, and hands-on environments. AspireIT participants are ultimately encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas to future innovations, and its impact is undeniable:

  • Since 2013, nearly 13,000 girls have received nearly 380,000 instruction hours through more than 600 AspireIT programs in 43 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico — many of whom did not have prior computing experience.
  • And, 75 percent of participants express interest in taking a future computing class.


New Programs

Research shows that AspireIT participants more easily identify with near-peer mentors, increasing their personal self-efficacy and confidence. To that end, NCWIT will launch two new AspireIT components to amplify and further the positive impact of near-peer instruction: the AspireIT Impact Award and the AspireIT Toolkit.

  • AspireIT Impact Award: Launching in April 2021, this award will recognize thirty AiC Community members for their incredible efforts to build and creatively offer near-peer, hands-on computing education while ultimately encouraging K-12 girls to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas to future innovations. The Impact Award elevates the core values and spirit of NCWIT AspireIT.
  • AspireIT Toolkit: Launching in Fall 2021, this resource will provide formal and informal educators with guidance on how to create and deliver hands-on computing education that incorporates near-peer mentorship. The Toolkit will provide planning resources, like curriculum, lesson plans, checklists, and evaluation tools.

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